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Any day

Flexible hours


1 year or more

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Community & Care

Adult (18+)


Skills you would develop

  • Develop loan underwriting skills.

  • Develop interpersonal skills incl. relationship building, communication and teamwork.

  • Knowledge about Kenyan culture, entrepreneurship and microfinance.

Ideal for

  • Young professionals, university students or fresh graduates looking to build their skills and knowledge in microfinance, entrepreneurship and social impact.


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(514) 886-4632


Montreal, QC, Canada

About the position

As a Success Officer, you’ll be assigned specific entrepreneurs and will be responsible for their journey with Mkono, and main responsibilities are categorized in two:

1. Loan applications

  • Lead all aspects of lending activities: review the entrepreneur’s loan application, schedule and lead due diligence calls, and prepare loan contracts.

  • Ensure the entrepreneur receives high-quality personal service.

  • Work closely with the Mkono team for loan allocation decisions.  

2. Mentorship session requests

  • Lead all operational aspects of the Mkono mentorship sessions: pairing with Mkono Allies, on-time output preparation, and all related communications.

  • Ensure the entrepreneur receives adequate personal


  • Strong interpersonal skills to interview entrepreneurs and engage with them.

  • Ability to work with a high degree of autonomy.  

  • Interest in Kenyan culture, entrepreneurship and microfinance.

  • High attention to detail, structured and reliable.

  • Be fluent in English. 

  • Completed a bachelor degree or currently completing one.

About the organization

At Mkono, we believe that young entrepreneurs in low-income countries hold the potential to achieve lasting change, drive social and economic benefits. But no significant change can be achieved alone. That’s why, we connect people from all over the world to share knowledge and resources, in an effort to empower young entrepreneurs to bring the change they envision.


Currently operational in Kenya, Mkono provides young entrepreneurs access to affordable capital and insights. Driving impact at Mkono goes beyond financial support as we believe that capital well invested multiplies its impact.

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