Research Writer and Content Editor


Canadian Multicultural Inventors Museum




Any day

Flexible hours


2 - 5 months

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Sports & Culture

All ages


Skills you would develop

  • Research

  • Attention to detail

  • Reading and writing skills

  • Content creation and editing

  • Collaboration with various stakeholders

  • Working with multi-disciplinary teams

Ideal for

  • High school students

  • University/college students 

  • Anyone with an interest in history and a passion for STEM.

  • Creative individuals with strong writing skills


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William Ling

(437) 988-6008



About the position

Are you passionate about research and writing? Do you want to promote multiculturalism? Do you want to improve your writing skills? Do you like to volunteer to a meaningful cause in the comfort of your home at your own pace? If your answer is yes for any of the above questions, please read on!

The Canadian Multicultural Inventors Museum (CMIM) is a non-profit organization developing interactive, travelling exhibitions featuring inventors from around the world. 

We are in need of talented Content Editors to edit inventor biographies in exhibition format so more people can see their scientific contributions and inspire them to pursue a career in science and inventions!

This is a remote volunteer opportunity, which means you do research at the comfort of your own home, and design your schedule according to your timeline. Every week, the volunteer will communicate to the volunteer coordinator to submit research work and discuss research progress and challenges. There will also be exhibition specific meetings among volunteers researching on the same exhibition to ensure optimal efficiency and collaboration.


Each volunteer is responsible to come up with a list of 20 inventors of their preferred exhibition and submit research work to the volunteer coordinator weekly. Volunteers researching on the same exhibition will work closely with each other to ensure there's no duplication of efforts.

Tasks include editing content developed by research writer volunteers and editing summaries of innovator biographies, in a format that is suitable for exhibit.


  • You should have access to a computer to conduct research and compile data. You must have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Word. Knowledge of Excel is preferable but not necessary.

  • You must be able to work with minimum supervision, and be able to communicate and write in English. You should have an interest in history, and a passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education would be an asset. You should be deadline oriented and available for meetings when scheduled.

About the organization

The Canadian Multicultural Inventors Museum (CMIM) is a virtual museum featuring diverse innovators and inventors from all over the world. Founded in 1988, the museum's exhibits have delighted and educated over 1 million people in 4 countries and 38 US states.

The CMIM is a social innovation organization that works to promote innovative thinking in young people by highlighting the achievements of innovators from diverse backgrounds.

he CMIM was founded to showcase Asian, Latin American, Women and Ingenious inventors and innovators. Our plan is to create more exhibits featuring other underrepresented groups.


As a research writer, the work you will do is crucial to the growth of the exhibit material that CMIM displays to the general public with the aim of encouraging the pursuit of careers in STEM. Currently, these fields suffer from an under-representation of minority groups, and CMIM is committed to steering aspiring youth to explore these career options. Your work helps to encourage young people to become producers and innovators of technology!

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