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Any day

Flexible hours


2 - 5 months

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Community & Care

All ages


Skills you would develop

  • Interpersonal

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Knowledge of the cause chosen

  • Blog writing, outreach, and advocy

  • Time management and adaptability

Ideal for

  • High school students

  • University/college students

  • Young professionals


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Eimaan Shahid

(905) 531-0695



About the position

Through partnering with international, well-known organizations, Am4Teens provides students with the opportunity to solve global problems through community changing projects without worrying about transporting to volunteer sites outside of their region.

Currently we are offering the following remote positions with the below organizations:

Ma-Ce Rudet

A humanitarian organization based in Uganda supporting children in need. Tasks include:

  • Conduct outreach.

  • Connect educators to teachers in Uganda.

Land of Hope

A not-for-profit organizayion working to protect children accused of withcraft in Nigeria. Tasks include:

  • Learn and read about Land of Hope's Mission.

  • Summarize your findigs into a blog post that will be shared on Am4Teen's platforms.

Love 146

An organization working to end child trafficiking. Tasks include:

  • Go through a training curriculum.

  • With the team, decide how you want to reach their communities: fundraising or awareness events, hotel/truck stop outreaches, or engaging with local groups.

Project Green

An organization dedicated to environmental advocacy and awareness. Tasks include:

  • Conduct outreach.

  • Write research reports.

  • Create social media posts relating to environmental awareness.

Tyler Robinson Foundation

An organization that supports families of pediatric cancer patients. Tasks include:

  • Write virtual letters of encouragement to children with cancer.

Shades of Love

A project dedicated to supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. Tasks include:

  • Create social media posts.

  • Write for their blog.

  • Design artwork.

And many more! For a complete list of all opportunites available, visit or contact Eimaan Shahid at


Each position will require different skillsets. However, some common ones are:

  • Verbal and writen communication skills

  • Ability to work independently and meet deadlines

  • Enthusiastic and passionate about the cause

  • Access to a computer with internet

About the organization

Am4teens was created by Annie Mokatsyan, a young girl who is super passionate and devoted to volunteering. For years and years, Annie has devoted her time to volunteerism, but she faced barriers that restricted her from getting involved in humanitarian efforts at a young age. She realized she wasn't alone and decided to found a global nonprofit to allow teens to get involved in humanitarian, philanthropic, and advocacy efforts without needing to fly out to volunteer sites.


Becoming a volunteer at Am4teens opens up a door to a world of virtual opportunities that relate to your personal passions and interests. The organization encompasses blog writing, outreach, advocacy, graphic designing, coding, and so many other fields of interest. From creating learning resources for children in need, art for the #blacklivesmatter movement, designing social media posts to raise awareness on social justice issues and so much more, Am4Teens has an opportunity for everyone!

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